Friday Fictioneers – On Wednesday

“First to guess how many are objects are in the jar wins extra credit points!” Coach Reynolds was so desperate to get his post-lunch, insulin-induced comatose students to stay awake long enough to learn about Literature that he had resorted to this… games that were beneath him and his profession.

David, barely passing, opened up his eyes and spoke first, without raising his hand, “47!” He smiled and closed his eyes again.

Infuriated at the miserable failure of his activity, as well as the fact that David was correct, Coach Reynolds turned red and shouted; “how did you know that?”

Genre – Who the heck knows?

Word count – 100

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 12.25.03 PM


Thanks for reading! If you are so inclined, go pick up my book (available on Kindle or paperback) at Amazon. It’s called “Jamey Jones and the Sons of Noah.” It’s a fun, science fiction book about a group of teenagers living on a planet called Kepler 438b. It’s seventy pages long, inexpensive, and it’s kinda good, even if I say so myself.  



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