Flash Fiction – Coach Reynolds


Coach Reynolds handed back the graded research papers to his Junior History class.

Jamey Jones raised his hand, “Coach, I think there is some kind of mistake.”

“Mr. Jones, I can assure you there is no mistake.”

“But, I cited two sources and it was 500 words, just like you said. How can I have an F?”

“Mr. Jones, read the title of your paper to the class.”

“The Downfall of Hitler: The Gazpacho is Born.”

Laughter from the class.

“You see Mr. Jones, this is History, not Home-Economics. I believe the word you’re looking for is Gestapo.”

Genre: Humor

Word Count – 97


Thanks for reading! If you are so inclined, go pick up my book (available on Kindle or paperback) at Amazon. It’s called “Jamey Jones and the Sons of Noah.” It’s a fun, science fiction book about a group of teenagers living on a planet called Kepler 438b. It’s seventy pages long, inexpensive, and it’s kinda good, even if I say so myself.  

Link: http://a.co/iMGFJUR




  1. Dear Jeremy,

    Short and funny. Somewhere there’s been a breakdown of communication. I would be interested to know how you got from this story from the photo prompt. Not a criticism but a curiosity. I’m all for outside the box.



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    1. Thanks.

      A breakdown in communication between my characters? Or on my part? Meaning there seems to be little connection between my story and the photo?

      As far as how I ended up there from the prompt… I think it’s in part because I have massive ADD and I made 3-4 jumps. The buildings reminded me of the buildings in my parents’ hometown, and that made me think of how they went to HS together, and this made me think of my dad being a class clown. And Coach Reynolds is a character I have been toying with in other short stories I have been writing, so he’s on the top of my mind anyway.


      1. It doesn’t matter to me how you got there. I really enjoy knowing the process. I meant a breakdown of communication between teacher and student. Thank you for sharing your process with me. Topic, shmopic. You’re on topic as far as I’m concerned. )

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  2. I like your thought process, half the time I end up with some crazy story that is impossible to tie with the prompt. But that doesn’t matter, what you see is important.
    That is one major breakdown in communication, but I think most of us suffered from it while we were in the high school. 🙂

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  3. Thanks for the memory. This story reminds me of one of my English teachers. It’s (cold) comfort (soup) to me that she did not see my love of the written word, for I could not see how the English language worked in modern times!

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