Jamey Jones Visits Earth

“Heather, how do you think they’ll feel when we tell them the truth?”

“Well that depends. How much truth will we tell them, Jamey? Will we tell them that we’re not really aliens, that we’re just humans from another planet, and that we have cities and buildings and politics of our own on Kepler?”

“Something like that, yes,” Jamey responded. “But what’s really going to put them in a twist will be when they discover that Celebrity Apprentice has even fewer weekly viewers on Kepler than it does on Earth.”

Word Count – 90

Genre – Science Fiction (humor?)

PHOTO PROMPT © Marie Gail Stratford


Thanks for reading! If you are so inclined, go pick up my book (available on Kindle or paperback) at Amazon. It’s called “Jamey Jones and the Sons of Noah.” It’s a fun, science fiction book about a group of teenagers living on a planet called Kepler 438b. It’s seventy pages long, inexpensive, and it’s kinda good, even if I say so myself.  

Link: http://a.co/iMGFJUR





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