Jamey Jones and the Sons of Noah

Here’s a little blurb about it.

Jamey Jones is a normal, but highly intelligent thirteen year old colonist of De Novo, a colony on the planet Kepler-438b. Since their arrival just over a year ago, the colonists of De Novo have been living under blackout conditions, with no electricity and no communication with the people back on Earth. While the colony is thriving due to farming success and an abundance of water, the adults haven’t come any closer to solving the mystery of The Blackout. With the help of his friends, Heather Worthington and Sebastian (Bas) Trader, Jamey sets out to solve that mystery without permission. The conclusions they reach may alter the direction of the colony and that of humanity forever.


A while back, I became interested with a news story about the discovery of what was called a “sister planet” to Earth, named Kepler. I began writing a short story about how I pictured humankind’s future relationship with Kepler. Eventually a character and a his friends and a plot came to me. And, over the past few weeks, I’ve been inspired to write a Young Adult/Tween science fiction book that I’m calling Jamey Jones and the Sons of Noah. I’m about 15,000 words into it and I can say that on some days it feels overwhelming, while on others I feel certain that it will be the next Huck Finn.

This is my first real attempt at writing a book but I feel that there is something very special about this story and this book. Maybe that’s just arrogance, or maybe I’m right and I am in the position to write something that the Tweens will go crazy over.

I don’t have any reason for posting this now other than that I can’t keep the secret inside anymore. Since I’m a n00b at this, I will make many mistakes (maybe this post is a mistake), but any positive feedback is good for my confidence. So if you think it sounds cool, let me know, follow me, and I’ll keep you in the loop as I progress through the process.



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