Don’t Throw in the Towel on America Just Yet Democrats


I see some of my friends flabbergasted by the election of Donald J. Trump. But please consider a few things before you drive your car off of a bridge on your way home from work this afternoon.

First, we have the longest standing Constitution in the world. And there isn’t really a close second. As a matter of fact, the average Constitution that is created as a government backbone averages well under ten years. This can be no accident. The document is battle tested by history and has sustained us with its strength.

In two-hundred forty years, America’s freedoms have withstood a variety of beatings from a variety of sources. For example, there have been beatings from the likes of Andrew Jackson who ignored the authority of the Supreme Court (among other illegal acts he performed as President).

Yet we are still here.

Here’s one that will get the other guys mad, but there was the Bush administration’s Patriot Act. We later found out that this was being used against American citizens and CLEARLY violated every freedom we are guaranteed. Freedom of Speech and freedom against illegal search and seizure are at the very bedrock of our freedoms.

Yet we are still here.

The is no question that the Obama administration and the House of Representatives violated the Constitution in the formation of the Affordable Care Act. The only thing you need to know is that it is not Constitutional to force any American to buy anything. Period. The only way they were able to get away with it was that they President sent his lawyers to the Supreme Court to argue that the AFA was a tax. I bet you didn’t know that, did you? Your President had to admit that these high insurance premiums you have to pay under Obamacare are just a new Federal tax.

Yet we are still here.

I guess emotional responses to a political election are to be expected. I was as surprised as anybody when Donald J. Trump started pulling ahead in battleground states last night. But if you’re so flabbergasted that you’re talking about leaving the country or your state seceding, let me repeat the immortal words of Curly Bill Brocious in Tombstone, “Well, Bye!” Not really. I’m just messing with you because I know you’re not really going anywhere, you’re just venting.

And yet we are still here.

And we’re not just here, hanging on for dear life like the Romans when they became soft and started being picked apart from the outside. We’re still here for a reason. We have the single strongest backbone on planet earth, the United States Constitution. Here’s the cool thing about that. That Constitution makes Donald J. Trump about as powerful as the Senate Majority leader, the Speaker of the House or the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He’s only one guy, not some king who just gets to do whatever he wants, even when he has a majority. He is still compelled by us. He’s still going to want to be re-elected. Furthermore, it just won’t have that much to do with your daily life, unless you have a problem with getting a couple percent extra of your tax dollars back every April.

So don’t throw in the towel liberals. It is definitely a sad day for people who live and die by their Democratic party, for sure. I’m not taking away from that.

But it is still a great day in America, where we are still here, the most powerful country on earth, where we have free and fair elections, and the transfer of power is humble and clean.  We have survived the likes of Presidents Buchanan, Jackson, Nixon, Bush, Obama, Governor Wallace, Senator McCarthy, 9/11, the Vietnam and Civil Wars, and two World Wars.

And we will be here long after Donald J. Trump.


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