Update on Sequel to First Book and a First Look!

My first book, Jamey Jones and the Sons of Noah, came to me like it was on fire and I just had to get it out of me. The whole thing was out of my brain and onto a Word Document with surprising speed. That was in March of this year.

I’ve had some great ideas for sequels and prequels, and I’ve outlined several different ideas that I like. It’s just that type of book. It exists in a world that lends itself to lots of different stories to be told. But for some reason, I couldn’t get my mind moving at the right speed on any of those ideas out to the extent that they were measurable.

Finally I seem to have made a breakthrough! I have an outline that I really like and I have about 3,200 words. So that’s not a lot, but it’s definitely a start. And now that I have it started, I’m hoping to ride the momentum and get this one out of me too!

Here’s a very short first look at the title and the concept –

Jamey Jones and the Battle for Kepler-438b

Jamey Jones is your standard fourteen-year old kid next door… As long as you’re living in a house made out of a human transport ship next door to a wunderkind on planet Kepler-438b. In this sequel to Jamey Jones and the Sons of Noah, along with his friends Heather Worthington and Sebastian “Bas” Trader, Jamey proves he’s too smart for his own good once again. This time, there’s tension brewing between the two human cities on Kepler. There’s De Novo, the original human colony, and then there’s Res Novae, the city that split off under former De Novo Councilman Don Megalo. Will the kids’ shenanigans help to soften tensions between the two cities, or will they only serve to speed an inevitable showdown between the two biggest kids on the block?


Thanks for reading! If you are so inclined, go pick up my book (available on Kindle or paperback) at Amazon. It’s called “Jamey Jones and the Sons of Noah.” It’s a fun science fiction book about a group of teenagers living on a planet called Kepler 438b. It’s seventy pages long, inexpensive, and it’s kinda good, even if I say so myself.  

Link: http://a.co/iMGFJUR

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