Do you Want to Build a Tesseract?

You Wanna Build a Tesseract? is a line taken from the dialogue of a twelve-year old in my  latest short story, Finding Kayla Claire, which is one of several stories included within the pages of my new book.

Finding Kayla Claire description – 

Marshall Preston and Kayla Claire are fifth graders from different backgrounds who meet in late winter/early spring and bond over the loss of a parent. The have a teacher who takes an interest in them and becomes a surrogate father to Marshall.

Marshall and Kayla take a cue from Kayla’s favorite book A Wrinkle in Time, and the two decide to try to build a time machine together in the woods beside Marshall’s house. The two hold out hope that they can use it to go visit their dads one last time before they die. Follow these two as they work to turn back the hands of time, and in the process, forge bonds that will never be broken.

Also included is my full-length novella, the popular Jamey Jones and the Sons of Noah.

Jamey Jones and the Sons of Noah description – 

Jamey Jones is a slightly mischievous, highly intelligent thirteen-year old colonist of De Novo, a colony on the planet Kepler-438b. Since their arrival just over a year ago, the colonists of De Novo have been living under blackout conditions, with no electricity and no communication with the people back on Earth. While the colony is thriving, the adults haven’t come any closer to solving the mystery of The Blackout. With the help of his friends, Heather Worthington and Sebastian (Bas) Trader, Jamey sets out to investigate that mystery without permission. They learn that Jamey’s father James Jones, the Governor of De Novo, is involved in covering up the biggest news in human history. The conclusions they reach may alter the direction of the colony and that of humanity forever.

Also included is a host of other short stories including Traveler One, one of my favorites. 

Description of Traveler One – 

Follow Captain Michelle Tyson as she makes history piloting the Traveler One at faster-than-light speed. In this throwback science fiction short story, humans over a century in our future attempt to send a person through time. But after the historic experiment, will there be anyone left to remember it?

There’s even some fun flash fiction in the back. 

The book is 114 pages, so a relatively short read. I’m very proud of this work, which is basically my life from March to November of 2016.

I’d love it if you checked it out and dropped a review!


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