My Book “Jamey Jones” is #FREE on Amazon Today and Tomorrow!

I hope you like it! And please leave me a review on Amazon. It’s appreciated more than you know!


Book Description:

Jamey Jones is a slightly mischievous, highly intelligent thirteen-year old colonist of De Novo, a colony on the planet Kepler-438b. Since their arrival just over a year ago, the colonists of De Novo have been living under blackout conditions, with no electricity and no communication with the people back on Earth. While the colony is thriving, the adults haven’t come any closer to solving the mystery of The Blackout.

With the help of his friends, Heather Worthington and Sebastian (Bas) Trader, Jamey sets out to investigate that mystery without permission. They learn that Jamey’s father James Jones, the Governor of De Novo, is involved in covering up the biggest news in human history. The conclusions they reach may alter the direction of the colony and that of humanity forever.

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