Review | A Legacy of Scripture by Aubrey McGowan

If you have kids, no doubt you’ve thought about what would happen to them in the event of your passing. You thought about the financial implications, who would care for them, and the like. But have you ever wondered how your kids would remember you as a parent and as a human being? I have. I’ve thought about that quite a lot actually. And I can’t say that I ever came up with any great answers.

Yesterday I came across this free eBook by public speaker Aubrey McGowan that offers up at least one pretty great answer. It also serves as a pleasant break from the heavy literature I’ve been reviewing lately. It came at the perfect time, too. After that last book by Huston Smith, my head was still hurting a bit.

For starters, the book has a great title. Besides that, A Legacy of Scripture is a short, inspiring read at twenty pages long. The premise is that we can leave a legacy of Scripture for our kids through journaling in our Bibles.

The author tells the story about how he was inspired by his father to leave a legacy of Scripture for his own kids. He encourages you to do the same by highlighting connections that you make, making notes within the margins, and underlining your favorite important passages. These will be notes and messages that your kids (or maybe your wife or other loved ones if you don’t have any kids) can read even after you’re gone from this Earth. I love the idea that I can still be an active teacher to my kids, and have a voice with them even after I’m gone.

It’s funny, I already write and highlight all over my books to the point that I almost felt like they were ruined. This is something I just instinctively do when I’m reading, nonfiction books especially. Here’s a sample page from the last book I reviewed:


But for some reason, I always thought I shouldn’t do that with a Bible because maybe it was breaking the rules or something. I can’t really explain it. But this book has inspired me to go ahead and journal in my Bible in the hopes that maybe my kids might find some value in it one day. Maybe I’ll try to improve on my handwriting before I start writing in my Bible though.

Final say: 5/5 Stars. Read the book. You’ve got nothing to lose and you might just be inspired to do something important for your kids! By the way, I haven’t given away the whole book here by any means, just a very brief overview. There is a lot of good info to be gleaned from the book itself.

Here’s a link to the author’s website (with link to free download): 

Addendum: I just watched a great Youtube interview with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson that made me reflect even more upon this review I wrote earlier today. Dr. Peterson was talking about the spirit, defining it as (paraphrasing) the transmission of a pattern of being (maybe in this case, it’s your own pattern of being). He was talking about how “patterns of being” can live on through various substrates, such as art, dance, etc. I think that’s such a profound thing to think about, especially in combination with this idea of leaving a Scriptural legacy for our kids. Leaving behind our thoughts on paper, and not just random thoughts, thoughts about profound ideas such as creation, sacrifice, love, and salvation, is akin to allowing our spirit to live on for our families.

Video if you’re interested:


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