The Losing Game

The Losing Game: A Poem by Jeremy Stevens


It’s twenty-nineteen

and I’m not the same,

but I still understand people

when they blame the rain,


because of changes to the game

and the world has changed, too.

In the same time it took for me and you

to work our ways up,


that’s when student loans blew up,

making it tougher

for millennials to stack up,

forced to exist


in a consumer-driven,


top down world,

their grandparents created.


But there is a big difference in

how they lived.

Think about the world

when Bill Gates was a kid.


He didn’t ask the government

to raise minimum wage.

He made his own choice,

and the world was changed.


That’s the thing they knew,

and where you lost your voice,

running around pointing fingers,

making all that noise.


Any plan to change others

is a dangerous ploy;

you can’t change other people,

but you always have a choice.

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