New Author’s Journal

I love what the editors have done with this New Authors Journal. Although the title has the word “new” in it, this journal gives undiscovered, new, and long-time writers alike a chance to see their work published. In a way it reminds me of the Reader’s Digest that I used to read growing up. There is no set category or genre. You may see a love story followed by a series of poetry followed by an essay on current events.

I want to call out one particular story from this Summer Edition, and that is one titled “Their Journey” by Monica Germiller Maher. Her bio states that this is her first published work, and I think it’s a very good effort. I really felt the pain of the “Samantha” as she struggled with her loss.

Full disclosure: I am one of the writers who has been published in this book on a regular basis, but I did buy this book and no one asked me to write a review, favorable or otherwise. I just wanted to share my thoughts as I do with the many other books I review.

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