Test of Faith – A Poem

Test of Faith – A Poem by Jeremy Stevens


There are no chips on the table.

The wheel spins nonetheless.  

The name of the game is roulette, 

and it’s God’s turn to bet. 


Read about Job and find out that 

God thinks we’re just a game of chance. 

Except He gambles with our lives

like we gamble with cash. 


It’s one thing to read about it;

the danger isn’t close. 

But imagine what it’s like when

you become the new Job. 


When God gambles your loved one’s life, 

and you lose without sense, 

the reckless nature of the bet

destroys those who are left. 


Although that’s not a test of faith, 

it’s a test all the same.

It’s a test of morality; 

God does not make the grade. 

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